We've brought together the best minds in digital marketing to be able to offer you a unique service.

The Digital Boffins have been formed to provide you with a personal experience that delivers expertise and class. 

Our focus is social media and how it can help your business deliver results. We've studied the theory and have worked with a wide range of companies across a diverse range of industries.

We'll use our knowledge and direction to develop a social media strategy for you as an integral cog of an overarching digital marketing plan.


Our Mission

To use our creativity and experience to work collaboratively with you and your business to deliver results.

With our unique approach we create a relationship where we can provide you with a personal service without that outsourcing feel. 

Our Founder

Digital Boffins is the brainchild of our Founder and MD, Alvin Gunputh. 

Digital Boffins MD, Alvin Gunputh, Bournemouth

Alvin has been immersed into the world of social media marketing since 2011. Studying and learning about different strategies and theories of social media and digital marketing during his time at the University of Winchester. After having graduated, our MD worked across different industries of all sizes.

Working as a social media manager and co-ordinating teams on both a national and international level. His experience in strategy and content creation has seen him yield positive results and grow brands on social media. 

Digital Boffins stems from his understanding and education around social media marketing. His passion and aptitude flows throughout our ethos and his personal direction is applied to each project.

We must first start with the education and understanding of social media marketing. Helping those to see this will enable businesses to have invaluable insights.
— Alvin Gunputh